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Positioning cranes on a construction site can be a challenge for the designer, particularly in situations when there are several cranes on the same site; minimum clearance levels must be taken into account, as well as height under hook. MethoCAD provides the solution to these problems whilst facilitating the job of the site designer. The software is shipped with an extensive database of tower cranes from the major manufacturers in the market, which can be consulted under Windows in a dialog box. The user simply selects the crane, model, chassis type, load, jib length, and height under hook.

The ultimate software for the job site preparation under AutoCAD

The crane parameters are then exported automatically under AutoCAD. MethoCAD is supplied with a library of hundreds of AutoCAD blocks including chassis, masts and jibs, which are assembled by the software to get plan and elevation views of the site. Once the drawing is complete, all modifications (height under hook, jib length etc.) are immediate and completely interactive.

The front elevation view is obtained from the top view. The distances between the cranes are calculated automatically. As the drawing under AutoCAD is automatic and there is no manual input, there is no risk of inserting wrong values or wrong blocks. In addition to this, a complete coherence exists between the different views.

By clicking on the cranes in the top view, an elevation view is drawn automatically following the axis C2 C3 C5 (see red line in top view). The minimum clearance levels between the cranes can then be checked. The software draws an outline around the cranes and checks whether or not the outlines overlap, and warning symbols will be inserted where the minimum clearance is not respected.

Whilst of designing and planning the layout of the construction site, MethoCAD will help you find the right crane in the database by specifying the manufacturer, the jib nose maxi load, the maxi load, or the height under hook. Parametric blocks are inserted at the locations of formwork, precast panels and stairs specifying the loads. MethoCAD then automatically calculates the load and the jib needed.

Stored within the cranes database, the loads at different hook positions can be displayed with surrounding circles at the simple click of the mouse, enabling the user to check each lifting point on the site.

Tower Cranes